The Blaqrain Foundation


The Blaqrain Foundation Mission:

The Blaqrain Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) established for public purposes and for the good of the community and the nation. Our objective is to be a community-based organization created to provide Education, Musical production, Physical Fitness, Therapy, Mentoring, Drug & Alcohol prevention to middle and high school students. These services will assist them in succeeding academically, thriving socially, and pursuing excellence by becoming successful individuals. We are committed to offering our services to the inner city, at-risk youth in middle and high school by executing our key components. The key components are our Educational programs, Musical Production Programs, Physical Fitness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy program, Substance Abuse Prevention program, and Mentoring programs, These programs provide students with the ability to excel through their pursuit of higher education, social development, Musical Arts, physical wellness, and emotional stability. This will enable them to become effective contributors to the schools they attend, the homes they live in, and communities, which they are a part of. The Blaqrain Foundation will go to local area high schools and middle schools to advertise their programs to the local area youths that can’t afford to music lessons or performing art schools.

Music Production

The students participating in music production and engineering (MP&E) will learn about the creation and production of recordings of music and how to successfully complete recording projects that are typical of those found in contemporary professional recording and production environments. The student's mastery of the discipline will be shown through the completion of recording and production projects of professional quality.

Through classroom emphasis on artistic and professional excellence and exposure to resident and visiting professionals, the student will develop an informed and critical aesthetic vision. He or she will learn to define quality using both musical and technical criteria and to apply those criteria to his/her own work and to that of others. The student will learn to work effectively with others in the wide range of circumstances typically found in the recording and production professions through participation as engineer and producer on various projects, and by interacting effectively with musicians on these projects. The student will acquire sufficient knowledge of the principles and practices of engineering methodology and creative production techniques to permit him/her to adapt quickly and effectively to the rapidly changing technology and stylistic genres in the discipline over the years



Upon completion of a major in music production and engineering, students will:
•    Multi track record, overdub, edit, and mix both live ensemble and electronically produced   
•    Sources
•    Multi track record, overdub, edit, and mix using complex analog and digital audio systems
•    Lead a creative project from idea inception to final delivery
•    Develop business plans
•    Adapt to diverse and changing technology environments
•    Apply knowledge of complex analog and digital audio systems
•    Evaluate audio program material and make technical and aesthetic decisions based upon those observations

Baqrain Services offered.

•    Conducting a mentorship program
•    Educational tours of performing art colleges and universities
•    Musical Production
•    Physical Fitness
•    Aiding students to apply for colleges
•    Provide scholarships to Performing Art schools
•    Provide cognitive-behavioral therapy for those students in need
•    Conducting a substance abuse prevention program
•    Conducting a mentorship program



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