French Taylor

French Taylor

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Formally known as JtodaD, today he goes by JD|FrenchTaylor. Originated from French Montana and Wiz Taylor Khalifa. Since 2011 JD has performed all over the west coast, all the way from Club Seville in California to Allure Gardens in Las Vegas, NV. He has opened up for Rap Artist such as Dizzy Wright, YG400, Sugar Free, Glasses Malone. He was born in Los Angeles County, and Raised in Long Beach, California. He was raised and surrounded by local family gangs. JD always wanted more, and didn’t let negative influences dictate his life and expected to work hard, he attended college but dropped out, yet he still always strived to get the best out of life. He attended school as an actor at Long Beach Polytechnic High School and played Basketball/football. At 23 yrs. old he produced over 10 artist at his Studio Decca in Long Beach, CA in 2011- 2012. JD at 17 yrs. old moved to Las Vegas, NV, Clark County, to finish his football career. Him and his brothers began performing as new Group Decca League, then seriously started making music in 2010. As a Young Creole-American Teenager growing up on the west coast, it was hard, staying out of trouble for him. Now entering the Rap game in full force with his Decca League and with his brothers Beside him, French Taylor feels like theirs nothing but Promise in his future.

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