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Fudge – L.O. Hip Hop Artist

Fudge L.O. was born on the south side of Chicago, IL with a heavy musical talent, family and like most of us come from a broken household that what drove out my love even more for music.

I played once the snare drum in this band. I moved to California in the tenth grade. A new change quickly came, but adapted very well most of my musical influence, comes from a lot of old school music with big bands and that fat sound. I’ve learned and helped behind the music with a few producers such as Meech Wells, Keith Clark, Lemorrious Tyler. Which helped me to have an edge on creativity and a very sharp ear and learning the formula.

I’ve been blessed to have a cameo in Gin Juice video, Baby Boy video, and acted as a waiter in the Usher mini move Caught Up. I have been given these opportunities, and with these opportunities it has made me even hungrier to achieve the plateau. Where I’m going to be and share my feelings and emotions with the world, through the art of music. I have a different sound and acquaintance with people naturally, and as long as I be me, a new factor to the game. So let’s work hard and enjoy this new musical ride.

Fudge - L.O.

Larry Gardner 

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