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R.L Walker

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R.L.Walker-Meet the Artist

smoothnsaxyHailing from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area, Smoothnsaxy (R.L.Walker) smashes his way onto the Smooth Jazz scene with a collection of tunes that are sure to sooth and please all listeners . Walker has been playing and performing on various musical instruments for as long as he can remember. However, he has really come to love the saxophone, performing on both the Alto and Soprano saxophones.

“Sax-ed or Sax-d” The Smoothnsaxy Experience: Walker’s self defined term for the feeling one gets once they have been thoroughly relaxed by the smooth sounds of the saxophone. He presents an almost therapeutic, meditating, calming and relaxing sound on the horns which quite frankly melts away any stress and/or troubles of the day. When asked who he draws most of his influences from he almost immediately responds with artists such as Kim Waters, Najee, George Howard, Art Porter and so on.

Be sure to take a listen to the sounds of his debut CD "Ear Relevance".  With it's highlighted track, titled "Summer Swag".  Grab a glass, some wine, that special someone or just good friends and enjoy.


Press Releases: Debut Album "Ear Relevance"

"Smooth! Reviewed the album on the advice of my co-worker, the tracks deliver as he said it would! Beautiful sounds, especially the soprano sax."
- Jaime Caroland, Jazz Fan(Aug 01, 2012)

"This cleverly titled album, EAR RELEVANCE, serves up smooth and chilled sax grooves from beginning to end. Slow jams and mid-tempo tunes that are sure to make your days more relaxed and your weekends more tranquilo! Smoothnsaxy is the brainchild of saxophonist and composer, R.L. Walker and EAR RELEVANCE is his debut release. Fans of Najee, Kim Waters and George Howard will appreciate the Washingon, D.C. based artist’s laidback vibe here, with the Smooth Jazz single “Summer Swag,” currently making an impact with radio airplay! Each song blows through like a lovely, contemporary jazz breeze… with 9 tracks total. EAR RELEVANCE will put you into a calm, peaceful state of mind, now that’s relevant! Download your copy or purchase the full CD now and start smoothing out your world!"
- Sandy Shore, SmoothJazz.com (Sep 17, 2012)earrelevence cover copy

"in our opinion the performance is strong, and the songs themselves well thought-out, certainly well above the average material that permeates the current market."
- Mark Stanley, SoundTrazz(Oct 08, 2012)

 OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.smoothnsaxysounds.com/home.html


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